Harnessing the power of connectedness | Growing adaptive experts #ConnectAU15

Harnessing the power of connectedness | Growing adaptive experts #ConnectAU15.


One thought on “Harnessing the power of connectedness | Growing adaptive experts #ConnectAU15

  1. #edchatnz and #scichatnz operate within one hour, on a scheduled day and time on a fixed cycle to assemble the best brains and the quickest thinkers in the virtual country to focus on 7 key questions voted on as relevant by as many as interested. There is a moderator, questioner and recently a devils advocate. the questions appear on as separate questions board called #edchatnzquestions or #scichatnzquestions. The quality of the work is directly related to the need for speed and conciseness from the 140 character limit and the 1 hour time band and to the number and quality of the participants. Because it goes so quickly and there are hundreds of tweets in that time (the tags often rate at number 1 or 2 in the area at that time) i normally concentrate on what i am thinking and typing and only later look at the feedback, retweets, favourites and trends – so for me it becomes a dialogue as i send the rest of the evening going over the tweets and thinking about them and watching the trends and the replies.

    I am the universal PD goer in my school and region attending 50 events so far this year and 83 last year almost all self paid for as there is never enough money in schools for resources for kids let alone PD. In addition i do numerous virtual, online and webinar PDs so i see a lot of PD on a lot of topics. I find the #edchatnz and #scihatnz fora to be really useful to expand my horizons, challenge my thinking and gauge the state and feel of the nations teachers.

    I see twitter as the heart pumping the blood of NZ teachers and teaching round the educational body. These chats take the pulse of the NZ Educational body. We still need face to face, meetings, hui, conferences and seminars of the free and thousand dollar variety. We also need a big investment by govt, schools and teachers in PD both the provision and the paying fr access.

    The length of time providers are distanced from the classroom on a daily basis is often inversely proportional to the relevance, utility and timeliness of PD. The best PD is by the practitioners doing the practice on, about and through the practice IMHO

    Education and Info is changing at such a rate that the half life of ideas is annual at best and the expansion, exhaustion and exponential growth of info making, storage and use means that if you are not in practice then you are out of practice. All teachers need to be learners and the best learning in teaching is to teach and to learn from through and in your teaching.

    In short those who do teach.
    I think the future is collaborative and digital
    i look forward to discussing such ideas online and in person
    esp in your most awesome and amazing connected educators month
    that was for me the high water mark or spring tide of NZ Educational PD

    as always i love your thought provoking, intelligent and wise posts and hope its Ok for me to add my 10c worth to your wonderful blogs

    best wishes

    tony cairns


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