Assignment 3 – Research and Community Informed Practice

Awesome work here IMHO


This is our second year using Personalised Learning Devices (PLD) at our school in Years 7 & 8, and students are loving using them to create and collaborate.

At the moment we are using Google Apps for Education and view students learning through the Hapara Teacher Dashboard. This is a fantastic tool to monitor students learning, provide feedback and share with others in the classroom.

However, processes and artifacts of learning are not as often shared beyond the classroom, except for on our class wiki, which is usually chosen by the teacher as opposed to the student and initiated through, “Would you mind if we shared this on the class wiki?” Student’s are not reflecting on work as much as they could be.

How can we effectively use our technology to support students in collaboration and the sharing of their ideas and artifacts with others, to reflect on their learning…

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