Got tech? Hear me roar!

I think what you say is perfectly true and i am delighted you say it so well, so eloquently and so clearly -bless you and keep you – your blogs words and wisdom are the best

karen spencer

child drawing sticking out tongue wearing shadesIt’s been a week or two of interesting stories related to school students harnessing social networks in order to make a point. We’ve had school speeches on the state of education and a plea for puffer jackets to name the most recent two.

There has been reciprocal handwringing on the part of the press in response that has varied in tone, from ‘social media amplifies opinions unhelpfully’ (PPTA interview) to ‘Today’s students have appalling attitudes, thinking they are untouchable …bring back corporal punishment for one year, and whack some of those students who so desperately need it for there abhorrently selfish attitudes” [comment, MelSays, 1/7/15]

This collection of stories brings to mind the research of folks like danah boyd and Keri Facer, who have both highlighted the way in which young people’s use of technology is directly related to how they choose to build relationships and…

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