drafting gates……

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So, right now I feel like I’m the chap in the little blue hat. Sending sheep this way or that – you passed the assessment, you can do level 2 Chem, you didn’t, so sorry, no L3 for you. A Colleague gave me the idea, we were having a chat and it was his analogy for schools in NZ. We are essentially drafting gates for society.

What a truly depressing thought

And it stretches further than that. Students who chose to leave school before gaining any formal qualification are at an enormous disadvantage. Of course there are exceptions, but for many it can mean a life of minimum wage jobs, or no job. Which means for a few lovely kids I have taught, and have chosen to leave schooling, statistically speaking they are in for a hard time. Which is again a depressing thought.

And now I am really riled up…

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