What’s the Beef with Research?

This is awesome especially the research design at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HRJxh3FBDmzqG8O5APO38myhbjwwFFTwYcOg_GNMeGQ/edit?usp=sharing and the voyage of discovery to research – its really helpful thanks a million tony


Research is scary. It’s inaccessible, it’s technical, it’s wordy and jargon-filled, it’s formal, it’s cold. And it has nothing to do with me, a practising teacher at the chalk-face. There is a gaping divide between theory (read: research) and practice (read: my classroom). One does not inform the other, and I don’t need it even if I did have the time to conduct or read some research. Actually, on the whole, education as an academic pursuit is a pretty dubious area.

This has definitely been my attitude towards educational research for quite some time, harking right back to my days as a university student studying towards my DipT and BEd. While some of the papers I did were of academic interest to me, basically I saw them as a necessary evil to complete in order to get into the classroom.

So it came as a little bit of a shock…

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