How can we get schools and teachers to share?

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I have been reading ‘Vital Connections’ – why we need more than self managing schools as part of my professional reading for NAPP. As a relative NOOB to teaching (my first year teaching was in 2010, and my last year of secondary school was 1999) it has given me a much better understanding of why somethings I just didn’t understand have happened. It would seem to me the ‘Tomorrow’s Schools’ have a lot to answer for.

The most inflammatory section to read so far was ‘Science Stagnates’. Yip, call me out for subject speciality bias, as English and Maths got a raw deal too, but this really broke my heart. And you know what really grates me….. the issues were first identified in the early 1990s…..

2016-03-20 15.12.16.jpg2016-03-20 15.12.30.jpg

And then there was the report from Sir Peter Gluckman in 2011….2016-03-20 15.13.09.jpg



I don’t understand why?

As a Science specialist…

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