Growing digital smarts? Check our biases…

karen spencer

‘Tis the night before the #edchatnz conference and I am mulling over the session I am hoping to facilitate…

It’s been just over a month since I joined NetSafe as their new Director of Education, and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting my head around a ‘same but different’ view window on education. The ‘same’ being broad, effective understandings around learning, curriculum, digital technologies, online spaces and professional development. The field feels very familiar. The ‘different’ includes spotlights on cybersafety research, wellbeing and how digital citizenship aligns with future-focused ideas related to learning, but also law, crime and community norms.

12640239264_ae3e5b7a05_zOf great interest is the strong focus on how interventions in the online environment are unlikely to be effective without the direct and regular involvement of young people and their whānau/families.

Seems kinda obvious, of course. And yet.

While there are some great pockets of practice around, there is still a strong bias in places towards assumptions…

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